Sir Arthur Conan Doyle´s: The Lost World
“Das Abenteuer beginnt”
gesendet am 04. März 1999
written by Jim Henshaw & Peter Mohan
Directed by Richard Franklin
Transcript edited by Gottfried Mars
[Scene: Nighttime - William Maple-White is running through the jungle in a
raging storm. He’s being chased. He falls and drops two templates. 
Something drags him into the bush.]
Challenger: What’s all the commotion about Kappakochu?
Kappakochu: The chief said they have found a man tonight; a white man.
Challenger: A white man here? [They enter the hut. Maple-White is badly
injured] Who is he - where did he come from?
[Kappakochu questions a native man in his own language.]
Kappakochu: He does not know. The man stumbled into the village and
collapsed. They could not help him but thought you might know how.
Challenger: Massive infection. The only one to help him now is his maker. 
Tell them to get water we’ll make what little time he has left as
comfortable as possible.
Maple-White: My journal.
Challenger: The bag.
Maple-White: Please show them.
[Maple-White dies. Challenger looks through Maple-White’s journals. The
natives in the hut pray.]
Challenger: Tell me what are they so afraid of?
Kappakochu: He says the man visited the other world. He went where living
men are not meant to go.
Challenger: Now you’re talking my language [looks through the journal] Mr.
Maple-White seemed like a damn fine scientist. He could have told us a lot
about this land. What else is in that pack? [They go through the pack] The
plates there.
[Challenger holds the plate up to the light. An image of a Pterodactyl is
on it. The native men become agitated.]
Challenger: What are they saying?
Kappakochu: The devil spirit.
Challenger: Devil spirit…indeed.
[Credits play]
[Scene: Nighttime - The London Zoological Society auditorium.]
Challenger: Once again I am shocked. Night after night I listen to my
esteemed colleagues pass judgment on the permanence of certain animals upon
the earth. Because our Dr. Summerlee has never seen a, so called,
prehistoric animal he assumes do not - cannot insist. If he had never been
to North America I’m sure he would still hold that the world is flat. Now
whilst I agree with you that the great Jurassic beasts are our ancestors – I
submit they are also our contemporaries. Oh yes it is not only the shark
and other bizarre aquatic life that have survived for millennia. I speak
here of creatures who could hunt down and devour the fiercest of present day
predators as if they were lambs.
Malone: Is this fellow for real?
Roxton: I hope so.
Summerlee: Professor Challenger you can hardly expect a room full of top
flight scholars to share your demented fantasies.
Challenger: Miserable miscreant! I speak of things that a modern man has
seen with his own eyes; a world untouched by evolution for million of years.
Man standing in balcony: Liar!
Challenger: The person who said that please step forward so I can see him. 
If there is anybody in this audience who doubts my veracity; I would be only
too pleased to have a few words with him after the lecture. Still I feel
compelled to share my findings with you……ungrateful swine that you prove to
be. Findings that a brave and adventurous fellow explorer by the name of
William Maple-White sacrificed his life to obtain. Mr. Bennett if you would
be so kind as to dim the lights please. Gentlemen the proof of my
[Challenger projects Maple-White’s plate on the screen. The room laughs.]
Summerlee: A Pterodactyl?
Challenger: That’s right a Pterodactyl. Long held to be extinct since the
Mesozoic Era but here visible in the photograph taken not more than six
months ago
Man standing in balcony: Fake!
Challenger: Someone point out the wretch who said that. I swear he will
pay before the evening is out.
Summerlee: Professor you must surely know that fraudulent photographs are
not unheard of. The scientific process demands more substantial
Challenger: Precisely sir precisely. That is why I propose that several of
you good gentleman join me on a mission to put my claims to the test. What
will nobody volunteer? Does nobody have the vision or the courage? What
about you Dr. Summerlee? Do you have the courage of your convictions or is
that merely the reserve of true scientists?
Man sitting behind Summerlee: Come man - for the honor of the society.
Summerlee: Very well I’ll do it.
Challenger: Who else……who else will volunteer?
Roxton: I will.
Challenger: And you are?
Roxton: Lord John Roxton sir - I’ve already been up the Amazon and have
special qualifications for the expedition.
Challenger: Lord Roxton’s reputation as an adventurer is world famous. We
would be honored to have you sir; anybody else?
Malone: John Malone sir, International Herald Tribune. I have experience
as a war correspondent and would serve as an unprejudiced witness.
Challenger: You are an American?
Malone: Yes sir.
Challenger: Well we won’t hold that against you - welcome aboard.
Summerlee: And just how do you propose to fund this wild goose chase?
Challenger: Well naturally given the evidence I’ve supplied you with today
I assumed the society would pick up the expense.
Summerlee: You assumed sir. This society does not have the resources. I’m
afraid this fairy tale expedition is out of the question.
Marguerite: I will provide funding [Marguerite enters the auditorium] My
name is Marguerite Krux. I offer whatever resources are required to fund
the mission.
Summerlee: Madam, do you have any idea just how much such an expedition
might cost?
Marguerite: My resources are not limited the funds shall be placed in a
bond by tomorrow afternoon.
[Marguerite exits the auditorium.]
Challenger: It’s done then, you will have your proof by years end and the
world……the world will be amazed
[Scene: Challenger’s study – Summerlee and Malone are looking at a fossil. 
Roxton is looking at weapons.]
Malone: Ok I give up.
Summerlee: It’s a Plesiosaur and a damn fine specimen.
Challenger: A fine specimen indeed but you’re a few thousand years out it
is in fact an Ichthyosaur.
Summerlee: Oh don’t be silly the cheek holes at the top of the skull are as
plain as day.
Challenger: Damaged specimen I’m afraid. If you had bothered to look
closer you would have seen the nares at the base of the beak; plain as your
bald pate.
Summerlee: I’m going to really enjoy seeing that man made a fool of.
Roxton: Gentlemen your attention over here please feast your eyes on some
of the finest shooting metal you’ll ever have the honor to hold.
Malone: Wow
Roxton: Go ahead see what suits you. Ah she’s a beaut isn’t she? A
Bland’s .577 Axite Express. I took down a white rhino with it from ten
paces; another second he would have added me to his collection. What looks
good to you Doctor?
Summerlee: None of them really.
Roxton: Suit yourself.
Malone: Well we’re assembled and outfitted and we still haven’t heard from
our mysterious benefactor.
Summerlee: Maybe it was a momentary flash of enthusiasm she’s since
reconsidered. Perhaps we’ve actually seen the last of her.
[Marguerite enters the study.]
Marguerite: I’m delighted to prove you wrong Doctor Summerlee. Good
evening gentlemen.
Challenger: Madam Krux - please come in.
Marguerite: What a lovely collection of dead things you have here
Challenger a Hyperlosaurus egg, Pterosaur even an Ichthyosaur.
Challenger: You know your reptile’s madam.
Marguerite: Been around a few. My main interest Professor is geology but I
do have more than a passing interest in ancient artifacts.
Challenger: Well I promise you madam we will bring back more than enough
samples to make it your primary interest.
Marguerite: Whatever I see will still be in its native habitat.
Challenger: You’re not proposing that you go on the expedition?
Marguerite: I’m stating it.
[Roxton chuckles]
Marguerite: You have a problem?
Roxton: The Amazon River is no place for a lady.
[Marguerite picks up a rifle and puts a bullet in the table between Roxton’s legs.]
Marguerite: I promise I’ll leave my dresses at home.
Challenger: Madam Krux welcome to the party.
[Challenger pours champagne for everyone.]
Challenger: Gentlemen and distinguished lady - a toast.
Malone: To the success of our mission.
Roxton: To adventure.
Marguerite: To discovery.
Summerlee: To survival.
Challenger: To the Lost World
[Scene: The group is canoeing down the Amazon with the native bearers. 
They are split up in different canoes – Roxton/Marguerite –
Challenger/Summerlee/Kappakochu – Malone.]
Roxton: At it already Malone? Shouldn’t think there was anything to write
about yet.
Malone: Then you’d be surprised; my editor’s demanding a blow by blow
account. This, my friend, is all color.
[Marguerite, in front of Roxton in the canoe, takes off her blouse wearing a
lace camisole underneath.]
Roxton: I see what you mean. I don’t know if that’s wise ma’am.
Marguerite: I’m surprised propriety from a man who’s seen as much as you Roxton.
Roxton: Hardly more a matter of the bugs.
Marguerite: I’ll take my chances with the bugs.
Roxton: I believe it would be them taking their chances with you ma’am.
[They hear yelling from the natives in the jungle.]
Marguerite: Headhunters
Malone: Does anyone know what they’re saying?
Marguerite: I’m fluent in more than a dozen languages.
Roxton: Of course you are.
Summerlee: Do you know this stretch of river well?
Kappakochu: Nobody knows this section of the river. Nobody but me would be
stupid enough to bring up a party here.
Summerlee: Why is that so stupid?
Kappakochu: I thought you knew Dr. Summerlee - it’s cursed. I owed a
gambling debt to Manaos. If I hadn’t accepted Professor Challenger’s offer
I would probably be dead by now. This way I suppose I have a fighting
Roxton: So when are you going to tell us the real reason you funded this
Marguerite: I funded it, what does it matter?
Roxton: I know the reasons the others are here: For Challenger it’s a
quest for knowledge; Summerlee pride; Malone’s looking for the story of the
century and I’m sure you know why I’m here.
Marguerite: To irritate and bore?
Roxton: Really, what are you after?
Marguerite: Maybe I have a passion for adventure too.
Roxton: Begging your pardon ma’am but you’re as cold a customer as ever
I’ve seen. You’re after something else.
Marguerite: A gentleman’s duty is to believe what a lady tells him.
Roxton: Don’t let the title fool you. I’m as far from being a gentleman as
you are from being a lady.
Summerlee: Surely you don’t believe in curses do you?
Kappakochu: No man who’s gone where we’re going has ever survived; that
much I know. It could be a curse or it could be as plain as a blow pipe
arrow to the neck and your shrunken head added to the collection. Either
way dead is dead.
Challenger: That’s enough for today.  Let’s make camp before it gets dark.
Summerlee: What did I get myself into?
Challenger: Did you say something Doctor?
Summerlee: Nothing…..nothing at all.
[Fade Out]
[Scene: Camp]
Challenger: By God Summerlee I think we might have finally found a use for
you, that stew is superb. All right everybody gather around and I’ll show
you our route for tomorrow. Now judging from our position this afternoon
we’re here. We’ll take this left fork here to here if we make good time
shouldn’t be more than a day’s travel.
Summerlee: Not a moment too soon for me.
Malone: I don’t want to burst your bubble Doctor but I have a feeling
that’s when the real adventure begins.
Roxton: Where’s Miss Krux?
Summerlee: She said she was going for a walk. In that direction I think.
Roxton: She shouldn’t be out there alone.
Challenger: That’s what I told her, you can imagine her response.
[Scene: Marguerite is bathing in the lake. Roxton approaches and sees her
clothes hanging on bushes. He uses the barrel of his rifle and picks up her
white lace camisole. Waving it like a flag of surrender.]
Marguerite: What are you doing here?
Roxton: A beautiful woman should not bathe alone. No telling what kind of
dangers she might run into out here.
Marguerite: Danger? You’re the only thing I have to worry about. Sneaking
around in the bushes like some Peeping Tom.
Roxton: Madam you flatter yourself.
Marguerite: Go find yourself some native girl to give you your cheap
thrills. I demand you leave this instant.
[Roxton pulls his rifle and aims behind her.]
Roxton: Miss Krux - get out of the water…quickly.
Marguerite: Not until you turn your back and lower you gun.
Roxton: Miss Krux, if I have to ask you one more time I’m going to shoot
you and save you the pain of being eaten alive by that crocodile.
Marguerite: For your information there are no crocodiles in the Amazon
they’re an indigenous reptile that are similar to a crocodile, it’s called a
[The Caiman swims toward Marguerite. She swims to shore and Roxton jumps in
the lake on top of the Caiman.
Roxton: Behind you!
[Roxton is fighting the Caiman in the water. Marguerite takes the rifle and
shoots the Caiman. It sinks to the bottom leaving a pool of blood. Roxton
surfaces; Marguerite ducks behind the bushes and dresses.]
Roxton: What did you do that for?
Marguerite: He was about to eat you.
Roxton: For your information I was toying with him.
Marguerite: And by the looks of it you made a fine chew toy. How long were
you watching me?
Roxton: So is that how you thank me.
Marguerite: Thank you. Who killed the beast?
Roxton: Why you ungrateful little……you’re bleeding.
Marguerite: It’s nothing I slipped.
[Roxton bends down to check the scrape on her leg.]
Roxton: It needs to be cleaned. You shouldn’t walk on it.
[Roxton sweeps Marguerite in his arms.]
Marguerite: Lord Roxton put me down! [bangs on his chest] I said put me
[Roxton dumps Marguerite on the ground.]
Roxton: Whatever you say.
[Scene: Nighttime in camp.]
Challenger: We haven’t given you much to impress your readers with Mr.
Malone, though one more day could change all that.
Malone: Well I’ll hold you to that Professor. Goodnight
Challenger: Goodnight
Summerlee: Goodnight Challenger, goodnight gentlemen.
Malone: Goodnight
Roxton: Tie your tent well Doctor you don’t want any unwelcome bedmates.
Summerlee: Bedmates?
Roxton: Any number of man eating creatures.
Malone: All right Lord Roxton that’s enough. [Summerlee irritated at
Roxton goes to his tent] You enjoy that don’t you - scaring ‘em?
Roxton: The jungle is a scary place Malone. No place for a scientist.
Malone: Challenger’s a scientist.
Roxton: Challenger’s a visionary I’d follow him anywhere.
[Roxton is startled by a monkey climbing the trees he pulls his pistol.]
Malone: Roxton what is it?
Roxton: Something of a phobia Malone – monkey, apes the whole damn simian
family. Goes way back, not something I’d like to share with your readers.
[Scene: Morning - The expedition is back in canoes on the river. They hear
drums in the distance.]
Summerlee: What is that?
Challenger: Jungle telegraph.
Malone: Do you understand it?
Challenger: A smattering, something about food - seems like a menu. You
catch any more?
Kappakochu: A little, their description of Roxton was not flattering found
him stringy but be flattered Professor you’re the main course.
Challenger: Keep your rifle at hand Roxton.
Roxton: It never left.
[A native on shore is watching the group pass by in the river. The group
comes to shore and unpacks the canoes.]
Challenger: Careful with that balloon.
Summerlee: Even if we do find this fictional plateau of yours you surely
don’t expect me to go up in that contraption do you?
Malone: They’re quite safe Doctor I can assure you.
Summerlee: Oh really and what makes you such an expert?
Malone: I flew them during the war – used them to map terrain; over fifty
flights and never a scratch.
Challenger: It’s either that balloon or you scale a thousand feet of sheer
rock using nothing but your fingernails.    Personally I think the climbing
would do you some good.
Kappakochu: If this map is to be trusted we should go this way.
Challenger: Come on time to move.
[They make their way along the trail.]
Summerlee: What - did you see something?
Roxton: I don’t have to – I can hear ‘em. Hell they’re close enough I can
smell them. [Roxton squeezes some sap from a tree branch] Here put some of
this on.
Summerlee: Passiflora? Good God no that plant’s extremely poisonous.
[Roxton wipes the sap on himself.]
Roxton: Of course it is.
Summerlee: Well how’s that going to help you from being eaten by a
Roxton: It won’t. It’ll just ruin his appetite.
[They come to a clearing with a mountain range in the distance.]
Challenger: This is it.
Marguerite: You’ve found the plateau?
Challenger: Yeah I’m sure of it.
Summerlee: All we found is an escarpment I don’t see any plateau.
Challenger: And what do you think is beyond those clouds Doctor?
Summerlee: More rock.
Challenger: I had hoped that proving your scientific knowledge to be
nothing more then rank amateurism would have been enough. But no, obviously
something more physical is necessary to curb your negative attitude.
Roxton: Gentlemen that’s enough. When we get back to England you can kill
each other then.
Summerlee: If we get back to England.
Malone: Professor - excuse me but we should get the balloon assembled and
inflated if we want to ascend in the morning.
Challenger: All right lets make camp. Let’s get to work there’s a lot more
to do before we sleep.
[The drums start up again Challenger leans to Summerlee.]
Challenger: Consider that motivation not to dilly-dally.
Roxton: Mood music.
[Scene: Night time at the camp – Malone is getting the balloon ready.]
Marguerite: What’s that?
Malone: Sulfuric acid it reacts with the iron filings to produce the
hydrogen that floats the balloon.
Marguerite: I’ll believe that when I see it.
Malone: Well you’ll see it tomorrow morning it takes a full night to
Marguerite: Wake me when it’s up.
[Summerlee, Roxton and Challenger are sitting around the campfire when
Marguerite approaches. Challenger is playing with a few twigs contemplating
what looks like a helicopter propeller.]
Summerlee: Now I know you’ve gone mad; an airplane without wings that
ascends vertically.
Challenger: Think about it Doctor a rotating wing slicing through the air
providing uplift just like a fixed wing. It will retire the balloon
Marguerite: I’d put my money behind.
Summerlee: Good money after bad.
[Fade Out]
[Scene: Morning – Challenger, Roxton and Malone are loading the balloon.]
Challenger: Get Summerlee to wake the bearers.
Roxton: Summerlee! Wake the bearers we need help packing the balloon.
Summerlee: Morning gentlemen rise and shine your services are needed. 
Hello? Have you seen the bearers?
Marguerite: There’s one over there.
Summerlee: You…you sir we need to be off. I spoke to you sir the least you
could do is reply.
[The bearer has his back to Summerlee and leaning against a tree. Summerlee
walks in front of him and sees a spear sticking out of the man; he is dead. 
Summerlee looks around him and sees all the bearers dead.]
Summerlee: Dead the bearers their all dead.
Challenger: Get anything else that’s essential into the balloon, we’re
[Natives painted black and white enter the camp and attack.]
Summerlee: Run for your life Miss Krux!
[Kappakochu is killed. The natives are hitting the balloon, as it ascends,
with blow darts and spears. Malone barely makes it into the balloon.]
Roxton: Close call Malone.
Challenger: Were out of range now.
Malone: Does this change your opinion about ballooning Doctor?
Summerlee: It has its uses.
[The balloon drifts into the mountains. The balloon begins to jerk.]
Marguerite: What in God’s name is that?
Challenger: Up draft.
Malone: I’ve never seen anything like it Professor.
Challenger: Secure what you can.
[The balloon drifts into a violent storm.]
Malone: Hold on tight!
Summerlee: Help!
Challenger: It’s taking us into the storm cell!
[Suddenly everything is calm.]
Summerlee: Thank God that’s over.
[The balloon drifts through a fog. The balloon strikes something. Everyone
wakes up on the ground. Malone is hanging upside down tangled in the ropes
of the balloon.]
Challenger: Miss Krux – Summerlee - Malone?
Malone: Right here.
Summerlee: I’m alive. I’m alive.
Marguerite: Figures you’d land on top of me.
Roxton: I must say you broke my fall quite nicely.
Summerlee: Over fifty flights without a scratch aye.
[Summerlee looks at the scratch on Malone’s arm.]
Challenger: Can’t believe we all pulled through.
Marguerite: The balloon didn’t fare so well.
Malone: Most of the fabrics intact but she’ll need a complete re-rigging.
Roxton: It doesn’t matter we wouldn’t survive another trip through that up
Summerlee: How much of this equipment can we salvage?
Challenger: We’ll assemble what we can the rest we’ll leave until we’ve
made camp. Well come on, lets get to it we’ve got a whole world to explore.
[Malone discovers the mimic plant, the flowers echo his whistling. Vines
reach out and wrap around his neck and arms. The vines pull him off the
ground. Malone calls out for Challenger and Roxton. Before they get to
him; Veronica swings by and cuts Malone loose. The others come running.]
Roxton: Are you alright Malone?
Malone: Yeah I’m fine.
Challenger: Who is she?
Malone: I don’t know but she just saved my life.
Summerlee: Stay away from her she may be dangerous.
Challenger: She could be the key to cracking the mysteries of this land. 
We must communicate with her.
Summerlee: Why don’t you offer her some food that’ll get her to trust us.
[Malone holds out some food and shows Veronica how to eat it. Veronica
takes a whiff and shies away.]
Challenger: Leave this to me I’ve had vast experience with underdeveloped
races. We come from many moons. Me – friend - Challenger – you.
Summerlee: Good lord man this isn’t Edgar Rice Burrows you don’t’ expect
her to understand English do you? Why don’t you try grunting?
[Challenger grunts then Veronica grunts back. The grunting goes back and
forth. Summerlee recognizes the rhythm and starts to hum.]
Summerlee: The ‘Ode to Joy’ from Beethoven’s ninth.
Veronica: Well if you don’t like it I know a little Chopin. Allow me to
introduce myself my name is Veronica.
Summerlee: Delighted to meet you Miss Veronica.
[They follow Veronica along the trail.]
Veronica: I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. But I had to let you speak freely
amongst yourselves to know your intentions.
Challenger: Our intentions are simple we’re here in the name of science.
Veronica: Well if that’s so - I’d be happy help you any way I can.
Malone: So how long have you lived here?
Veronica: As long as I can remember.
Summerlee: The carnivorous flora that attacked Malone - what do you call
Veronica: That was a mimic plant. Viscously savage, it actually lures it’s
victims by becoming what one would find enticing.
[They move along the trail.]
Veronica: It’s a long way yet Professor.
Summerlee: Fascinating
[Summerlee stops to examine a plant.]
Marguerite: Something wrong Doctor?
Summerlee: This species of Veriforman has been extinct.
Challenger: Since before the dinosaur yes.
Summerlee: Maybe
Challenger: No maybes about it Doctor. This exotic flora may peak your
interest but it’s the fauna we’re after remember- so let’s push on.
Malone: Professor - look at this.
[Malone sees a dinosaur hoof print in the ground.]
Challenger: What does this say to you Summerlee?
Summerlee: It says a large animal passed this way recently.
Challenger: Large animal - what large animal has that span? It’s a
dinosaur Summerlee a dinosaur.
[Roxton, Malone and Summerlee take a rest on a nearby rock; while Challenger
measures the print.]
Roxton: Gentlemen if you’ll excuse me I’ve heard this little ditty before. 
All I know is there’s nothing to see; more important nothing to shoot.
Summerlee: Dinosaur indeed, just as I suspected this whole ridiculous
expedition is nothing more than a waste of time.
[The rock under Summerlee moves. It’s the tail of a Brontosaurus.]
Challenger: Malone I need the camera. [Challenger lowers Roxton’s rifle] 
No don’t shoot. I promised you dinosaurs didn’t I Summerlee.
Summerlee: Indeed you did.
[They watch in amazement as dinosaurs roam through the open valley.]
[Fade Out]
[Scene: Veronica leading the group to her treehouse.]
Challenger: Now that’s what I call a treehouse.
Roxton: Yes a sanctuary from the reptiles.
Marguerite: How do we get up?
Veronica: Well on the elevator of course.
Malone: I don’t see an elevator.
Veronica: Inside the tree or I should say fig. The tree was killed
centuries ago by the strangler fig that you see now.
Summerlee: A parasite that strangles its host. Fascinating
Roxton: How does it work?
Veronica: On simple counterweight principles. Water’s collected from the
rainforest canopy then released into and out of the log.
Challenger: Ingenious
Summerlee: Thomas Edison would be green with envy.
[Scene: Inside the treehouse - Veronica, Challenger, Summerlee and Roxton
step off the elevator into the common room. Veronica collects their hats
and packs.]
Veronica: I’ll take that.
Summerlee: Oh thank you. Oh it’s wonderful everything a scientist could
possible need.
Marguerite [voice from the ground]: Hey how about us?
Challenger: Have you ever seen the likes of this?
Roxton: Never - not even in the mountains of Peru
Veronica: I’ll be right down.   Well go on, make yourselves at home; Ill go
get the others.
[The men wander around the treehouse.]
Challenger: A man of vision built this place as a testament to their thirst
for knowledge.
Roxton: A high hide and not a bad shooting platform.
Summerlee: Plants growing without soil what an original concept.
Challenger: What a Burosaurus.
Roxton: All the comforts of home.
Challenger: What have we here?
Roxton: A trophy.
Summerlee: They’re at least as old as the one in your collection
Challenger: Now listen Doctor, just because its old bald and gray doesn’t
necessarily mean it’s a fossil.
Summerlee: I had just about enough of your gratuitous insults.
Roxton: Now…now gentlemen manners please.
[They make their way up to the second level. Challenger points out the
‘Home Sweet Home’ sign.]
Summerlee: No place like home.
Challenger: Be it ever so humble huh?
Roxton: You can say that again.
Summerlee: The kitchen even has running water.
Challenger: Amazing
Summerlee: I imagine it ties in with the hydraulics.
Roxton: Quite a view.
[Scene: Veronica shows Malone and Marguerite to the second level.]
Veronica: This is where I live.
Malone: You built this?
Veronica: So what do you think Professor?
Challenger: It’s stupendous - finding an outpost of civilization in the
middle of this wilderness. It’s Incredible.
Veronica: My parent’s party built it themselves. [Veronica pulls down a
picture of the Layton party] That’s my mother pregnant with me at the time.
 That’s my father.
Summerlee: Are we going to meet them?
[Veronica readies some tea.]
Veronica: They’re not here. They went out to collect samples.
Challenger: When do you expect them back?
Veronica: I don’t know. They’re missing.
Malone: How long have they been missing?
Veronica: Eleven years.
Roxton: Eleven years? Eleven years in the jungle and you think they’re
still alive?
Veronica: You have no idea where you are do you? They could be out
there…anywhere trying to find their way back home.
Marguerite: What about the others; the rest of your parent’s party?
Veronica: They’re all dead. I know that for a fact. No one escapes the
Challenger: The ape-men?
Malone: My God how did you survive all those years on your own?
Veronica: Faith - knowing one day I’d see my parents again.
Challenger: Did they ever find a way off the plateau.
Veronica: At first they tried all of them some were even killed in the
attempt. But eventually they grew to like it here and gave up trying. My
parents spent years documenting various tribes that share the plateau. And
cataloging what they called ‘The Wonders’.
[Veronica shows Challenger her parent’s journal.]
Challenger: Feral pigs the size of cattle. Chickens with prehensile claws
- oh this cannot be real.
Veronica: Well Mr. Malone will tell you the mimic plant was real enough. 
My parents just barely scratched the surface. In small ways I’ve kept up
their work even though I was sure I’d be the only one to ever read it.
Challenger:  I guarantee you madam that if you will allow it both your and
your parents work will be studied world wide.
Veronica: Is that why you’re here a zoological expedition?
Challenger: We’re here to find a rare specimen. Perhaps you’ve seen
something like it? [Challenger shows Veronica a picture of a T-Rex] Vicious
creature isn’t he.
Veronica: Forget your science; forget your ambition; forget whatever
brought you here. Where these beasts are is not a place where you want to
Roxton: That’s exactly where I want to go.
Veronica: I’ll show you how to make contact with the Zanga Indians. Some
say they know of caves which travel down to your world. You had better take
me up on my offer before anything else can happen.
Roxton: We have company.
Veronica: No don’t shoot. If you’re looking for reasons to use your
weapons; you’ll have plenty where you’re planning on going. You don’t have
to shoot my friends.
[Assai enters the treehouse. Veronica greets her with a kiss on both
Veronica: Everyone this is Assai - Daughter of Jacoba chief of the Zanga.
Challenger: Zanga? You said they knew a way down from the plateau. If
their friends of yours surely they’ll show us the way down when the time
Veronica: I’m friends with Assai not the tribe.
Assai: Veronica declined my fathers offer to become his twelfth wife. 
She’s no longer welcome in our village.
Summerlee: You speak English.
Assai: Yes Veronica was kind enough to teach me.
Marguerite: That’s a lovely necklace.
Assai: My father knows a cave where these stones are as common as the
leaves on the trees.
Marguerite: I’d like to see those caves sometime.
Veronica: It’s getting late you will all stay here as my guests for as long
as you like.
[Scene: Nighttime - Summerlee, Challenger and Malone are listening to music
- relaxing. Veronica and Assai are standing by the gramophone.]
Veronica: Dr. Summerlee, Chopin one of my father’s favorites.
Summerlee: “Opus 10 Etude in E major” wonderful, a little culture in this
barbaric land thank you my dear.
[Scene: Marguerite is looking at gems through a magnifying glass on the
lower level. Roxton approaches.]
Roxton: Miss Krux - nice isn’t it? You’d hardly believe you’re in a
primeval jungle on the rooftop of the world.
Marguerite: I believe it.
Roxton: When are you going to come clean and tell me why you’re really
here? You’re no geologist.
Marguerite: Why does it matter so much to you?
Roxton: Because the little voice inside keeps telling me, for the good of
party, I should throw you to the wolves first chance I get.
Marguerite: So why don’t you?
Roxton: Because another voice tells me you only meet a woman made of fire
and steel once in a blue moon. And you don’t want to waste her when she’s
in your hands.
[Marguerite and Roxton kiss. Roxton pulls back when Marguerite bites him on
the lip.]
Marguerite: I am not in your hands Lord Roxton and any time you wish to
throw me to the wolves I suggest you try. You might be surprised which one
of us gets eaten.
[A bell rings and Marguerite makes her way to the upper level.]
Roxton: Yes well I always say anything that isn’t worth shedding a little
blood over, isn’t worth the getting.
[Everyone’s in the common room.]
Challenger: Alright everybody gather round I’ve come to a decision. We
came here to prove a theory, ape-men or not, I intend to do just that. 
Anybody who doesn’t want to come I’ll understand. But I’m leaving first
thing in the morning.
Roxton: We’ve come a long way for this hunt and I’m not going back with out
a trophy.
Marguerite: Wherever my money goes I go.
Malone: I’ve still got a story to write.
Challenger: Summerlee? Do you have the stuffing to come with us?
Summerlee: I’ll see this through.
Challenger: Splendid - Mr. Malone you re-jig the balloon it may prove
Assai: Let them go.
Veronica: They’ll die.
Assai: It’s not our concern.
Veronica: We know what it’s like out there how can you say that.
Assai: Because I don’t want to see you disappear like your parents.
Veronica: I’ve got to keep looking – you know what I mean. There’s
strength in numbers and I can’t let them go alone. Professor Challenger
I’ll join your expedition on one condition. I lead the party - you do
exactly as I say and we might get back alive.
Challenger: Lead on madam.
[Scene: Morning – The balloon is floating along the plateau. Malone and
Challenger are inside. Challenger is taking pictures of the roaming
dinosaurs along the landscape.]
Challenger: Steady Malone we don’t want to blow the image.
Malone: Do you prefer I set down amongst them?
Challenger: Let’s find another one.
Malone: Professor you’ve used almost all your plates in one day. Maybe
you’d like to save the rest for another day.
Challenger: Science doesn’t wait on tomorrow my lad; another specimen over
[Scene: Summerlee and Veronica are sitting outside in the jungle, he has a
reference book open she is sharpening her knife.]
Summerlee: Dinosaurs I still can’t believe it.
Veronica: I’ve kind of gotten used to them actually.
[A large bug is crawling on the tree branch behind them.]
Summerlee: You know you constantly amaze me Miss Veronica. A member of the
fairer sex especially as one as cultured as you to have survived so long in
this primitive environment is absolutely amazing.
[Veronica takes her knife and kills the giant bug behind them.]
Veronica: You’ve got to watch these they’ve got sulfuric acid for blood. 
Luckily they’re pretty slow.
[Scene: Nighttime - The treehouse.]
Challenger:   Peaches the size of pumpkins.
Summerlee: Yes two hundred bushels to the tree.
Challenger: With a plant like that you could feed a whole city.
Veronica: Better get to it before the Brontosaurs – they’re partial to
Summerlee: George there’s more research here then we can do in years. And
combined with our empirical samples no one in the society could doubt the
success of our expedition.
Challenger: Our expedition?
Summerlee: Oh whatever - It’s time we got home and showed it to the world.
Marguerite: You’re been premature. Some of us haven’t been fortunate
enough to realize our goals yet. I have only Assai’s stones to indicate the
geological potential here. And they’re useless unless we discover where
they came from.
Summerlee: There are those who place a higher value on knowledge then
Marguerite: Most of them are flat broke.
Malone: Listen we already have more evidence that a balloon can carry -
unless you want to risk it.
Marguerite: Professor?
Challenger: I’m afraid he’s right Miss Krux - makes no sense collecting
data we can’t transport.
Roxton: So how do we get down? There’s a better than even chance that with
those winds the balloon won’t make it.
Challenger: If we came to an understanding with chief Jacoba would he lead
us down through the caves?
Assai: My father does not trust outsiders.
Summerlee: But surely there is something we can offer him.
Assai: There’s only one thing here he wants.
Malone: Well we’ll find the caves ourselves.
Marguerite: Perhaps if he spoke to an outsider [she begins speaking to
Assai in the Zanga language]
Assai: Not bad.
Marguerite: Your language isn’t that difficult. The most important thing
is to convince him he has nothing to fear from us.
Assai: I’ll take you to him in the morning.
Challenger: Splendid – Hey Doctor you and Mr. Malone accompany Marguerite.
Roxton: I think I should go things could get out of hand.
Challenger: This is a diplomatic envoy John besides I need you and Veronica
elsewhere. There is one more item we need to collect.
[Fade Out]
[Scene: Daytime – The jungle.]
Roxton: Steal a dinosaur egg and carry it though a jungle full of
predators? You’re out of your mind.
Challenger: John no matter how many photographs we have there will always
be some naysayer crying fake. Proof like this nobody can question us,
especially once it hatches.
Roxton: Hatches - in England?
Challenger: With luck long before that; so it’s acquired a suitably
impressive size before our arrival. Think about it John, the whole of
London laid out at your feet. A man of the hour - Lord John Roxton, hunter
of the biggest game that ever lived.
Roxton: Can it be done?
Challenger: You tell him Veronica only one reptile nests at this altitude.
Veronica: Well a Pterodactyl. They hunt by daylight.
Challenger: And by nightfall we’ll be back at Veronica’s residence toasting
our success. What do you say?
Roxton: All right - let’s do it then.
[Scene: Asssai is leading Summerlee, Malone and Marguerite to the Zanga
Summerlee: Full marks Miss Krux but how did you learn to speak Zanga so
Marguerite: I only needed to hear it spoken.
Malone: Always full of surprises. Is this the only way through to the
Assai: The only safe way.
Malone: Wouldn’t it be easier to keep these trails cleared.
Assai: Easier for us or our enemies?
[Scene: High atop a cliff near a waterfall lays a Pterodactyl nest]
Challenger: You can make it up the left face it won’t take any time at all.
Roxton: One Pterodactyl egg coming up.
Veronica: Be careful.
Challenger: Don’t worry he’ll be fine.
[Scene: The trail to the Zanga village - They pass skeletons strung up on
Summerlee: Great Jehovah!
Assai: Shhh we mention no gods but Atunga here. He rules our dead.
[Assai kneels before an alter praying to her God.]
Assai: Atunga will let us pass
Marguerite: I guarantee we weren’t staying.
[Scene: The waterfall - Roxton is climbing up the cliff.]
[Scene: Assai, Marguerite, Summerlee and Malone on trail to Zanga village.]
Assai: This is where we live.
[They make their way through, giant spikes protruding from the ground.]
Summerlee: Are you quite sure about this?
Marguerite: Second thoughts Doctor?
Summerlee: Well it’s just that from what I can see the Zanga don’t take
kindly to strangers.
[They hear whistling.]
Marguerite: What was that?
Assai: Zanga alarm enemies approaching.
Summerlee: Who?
Assai: Us – they must think I’m your prisoner.
Malone: What are they doing?
Assai: Poisoning their arrows.
Marguerite: That might mean they’re not very good shots. Then again with
poison they don’t have to be.
Assai: Keep your hands to your sides open. Show them you mean no harm.
[The gate is opened for them to enter. The Zanga warriors stand ready and
the villagers scatter. Chief Jacoba is sitting on his throne.]
Marguerite: Doctor their clothing.
Malone: Those helmets must be over five hundred years old.
Summerlee: Good God - people have been coming here for centuries.
[Assai approaches her father he speaks angrily to her.]
Marguerite: He says she’s threatened the village by bringing us here.
[Assai tries to explain but it enrages Jacoba. He threatens to strike Assai
but Marguerite steps in before he can do harm to Assai. Marguerite and
Jacoba converse in his language.]
Marguerite: He’s invited me inside.
Summerlee: You surely don’t intend to go in there alone - with him.
Marguerite: You want to leave this place or not.
Summerlee: Shouldn’t we do something?
Malone: Relax Doctor she’s the toughest one of our group.
[Scene: Roxton climes up the cliff and steps into the nest.]
Challenger: Well done Roxton.
[Roxton grabs the egg. A Pterodactyl hovers behind him. The Pterodactyl
flies up in the air and makes a few passes at Roxton trying to grab him. 
Roxton tumbles back and nearly falls off the cliff. The Pterodactyl flies
at Roxton. It grabs him with its claws and carries Roxton up in the air. 
Challenger aims his rifle.]
Veronica: Challenger - don’t shoot you’ll kill him.
Roxton: Challenger! Do something!
[As Roxton is carried by Challenger and Veronica, Challenger grabs the pouch
Roxton has dangling from his arm.]
Challenger: Roxton let go!
Roxton: Tell this thing that!
Challenger: The bag Roxton the bag!
Roxton: What about me!
Veronica: Roxton catch!
Challenger: Don’t let go I need that egg!
[Challenger loses his grip and falls to the ground. Roxton is still flying
away in the grips of the Pterodactyl.]
Roxton: Challenger!
Veronica: Professor - are you alright?
Challenger: I’ll make it drop him in the water.
Roxton: Do something!
[Challenger shoots and hits the Pterodactyl. It drops Roxton into the river
Challenger: The egg did you break the egg?
Roxton: You’re all heart.
Challenger: Now – now we can go home.
[Scene: The Zanga village -The hut is filled with treasures.   Marguerite
is looking at all the bounty Chief Jacoba has collected: Gold ingots,
jewelry, diamond tiaras. ]
Marguerite: You’re right you have everything you could ever ask for. What
can I offer you?
[They speak in his language. Marguerite says the name ‘Veronica’.]
[Scene: Nighttime – The treehouse common room.]
Challenger: Tell me Miss Krux, how did you get Chief Jacoba to agree?
Marguerite: We speak the same language.
Summerlee: Oh excellent Miss Krux well done again.
[Veronica approaches Malone who is on the balcony.]
Veronica: Taking a last look?
Malone: Yeah, well I’ll always have these even if they aren’t the real
Veronica: Can I see?
[Malone shows Veronica his journal. He was drawing a likeness of Veronica
on one of the pages.]
Malone: I hope you don’t mind?
Veronica: You’re being thorough.
Malone: Well my readers back home are going to want to know everything so.
Veronica: What’s going to happen when you tell the world about this place?
Malone: I don’t know. I mean if they believe it someone will want to see
it for themselves. Would you ever consider seeing my world?
Veronica: I’ve thought about it, many times.
Malone: But?
Veronica: I can’t, not until I find out what happened to my parents.
Malone: Yeah
Roxton: Somebody’s coming.
Assai: It’s my father and the bearers. Are you ready to go?
Summerlee: All packed although some of us seem to have a bit more than
Veronica: I don’t see any torches.
Malone: It’s quiet all of a sudden.
Roxton: Too quiet.
Veronica: Get the lights.
[Ape-man fall through the roof of the treehouse. An ape-man gets on top of
Roxton. Marguerite shoots it.]
Marguerite: Second time I’ve saved your life.
Roxton: There won’t be a third I assure you.
[Assai has taken cover behind a chair. Roxton and Veronica are fighting
ape-men. Roxton throws one over the balcony. Summerlee is under a table. 
An ape-man grabs Assai and lifts her through the roof where she is grabbed
by another ape-man. Malone is on the floor an ape-man lying on top of him. 
Malone shoots an ape-man. An ape-man throws Veronica off the second level. 
Challenger is shooting at ape-men. The ape men run off. Malone runs to
help Veronica on the first level.]
Malone: They’re gone everything’s going to be fine. We’re all alright. 
[Challenger approaches] Is she going to be okay?
Challenger: She has a sever concussion.
Marguerite: Assai? Has anyone seen Assai?
[Scene: Outside the treehouse - The men go after Assai.]
Summerlee: Shouldn’t we wait till morning? We’ll be able to track.
Roxton: No telling what they’ll do to her by then, what they’re doing to
her now. Where the hell is Malone?
Challenger: That’s the least of our worries.
Roxton: Malone!
[Malone is in the treehouse beside Veronica, who’s in bed, placing a cloth
over her forehead]
Marguerite: You better go. I’ll look after her. The Zangas will be here
Malone: Tell Jacoba’s men to follow us we’re going to need their help. 
Take care of her will ya.
Marguerite: I will
[Scene: The trail to ape-men territory.]
Roxton:  Couldn’t have been gone for more than half an hour.
Summerlee: How can we be sure she’s still alive?
Roxton: Be sure.
Challenger: Yes look half dragged half carried by the looks of it.
Summerlee: Ah this is pointless we can’t see a damn thing.
Challenger: There was a tar pool back there perhaps we can go and get some
Roxton: Why don’t we just tell the ape-man we’ve been following them while
were at it. You know Challenger perhaps we should tell our Pterodactyl
friend to help us with air surveillance. Your turn next time Professor.
[They move on. Malone hangs back.]
Malone: Wait a second that’s it why didn’t think of that before. Roxton
you’re a genius.
[Malone goes back in the direction they came.]
Roxton: What are you talking about?
Malone: Just keep moving I’ve got an idea.
Summerlee: Has he gone completely mad?
Challenger: No, he’s got an idea.
Roxton: He’s saving his hide I’ll bet. Come on it’ll be light soon.
[Fade Out]
[Scene: Morning outside the treehouse - Jacoba and his men arrive. He
shouts up. Marguerite is on the balcony she speaks to the Chief and he says
Assai’s name. She tells him in Zanga Assai has been taken. The Chief
responds and says ‘Veronica’. Marguerite motions for them to come up. 
Jacoba enters the treehouse. Veronica is lying down barely conscious. 
Marguerite mentions Assai again. Jacoba is only interested in Veronica.]
Marguerite: No one returns from the ape-men.
Veronica: What is he doing here?
Marguerite: Its okay Veronica it’s nothing – you rest.
[Jacoba says a few words Marguerite.]
Marguerite: I’m going with you.
[Scene: The trail to ape-men territory - steam is coming from the rocks
Roxton: The air is thick here.
Summerlee: The magma displacement vents it up from the below the surface.
Challenger: This is a hellish land.
Roxton: Perfect home for our simian friends.
[Roxton steps on a rock and a blast of fire shoots from a rock behind them. 
Roxton picks up Assai’s necklace he finds on the ground.]
Roxton: We’re on the right track.
Summerlee: Could she really still be alive?
Roxton: I don’t know Doctor.
Challenger: Well if she is alive surely we’ll be outnumbered by the beasts.
Roxton: Yes, too bad Malone got cold feet we could have used another gun.
[Scene: The Zanga village. Veronica’s unconscious and has been dressed in
a purple native dress with flowers in her hair and around her ankles. She
wakes up.]
Veronica: Marguerite? Oh my head.
Marguerite: You have a nasty bump take it easy.
Veronica: Malone and the others?
Marguerite: They went after Assai. The ape-men took her.
Veronica: I must go after them. They’ll kill them all.
Marguerite: Veronica lay down your still weak.
Veronica: Where are we?
Marguerite: The Zanga village.
Veronica: Why am I dressed like this?
Marguerite: There’s going to be a wedding.
Veronica: Who’s?
Marguerite: Yours
[Scene: Ape-men territory – Roxton, Summerlee and Challenger are watching
from a distance.]
Summerlee: Can you see her?
Roxton: Nah ah
[He then sees Assai being carried she’s screaming.]
Roxton: To the right by the fire.
Challenger: Great Scott! She’s dinner.
Roxton: I’ll give them something to eat.
Summerlee: They outnumber us ten to one.
Roxton: The odds won’t get any better. Say your prayers Doctor.
Summerlee: They’ve already been answered.
[The balloon approaches.]
Challenger: Malone perfect timing.
Roxton: I take back what I said about that man.
[Assai has been placed on a rock. An ape-man is ready to chop her up with
an ax when Roxton shoots. Malone is floating closer in the balloon. Assai
jumps down from the rock.]
Roxton: Cover me [Roxton runs to Assai. The ape-men are being picked off
by Challenger and Summerlee] Come on Assai we have a balloon to catch.
Summerlee: Behind you!
[An ape-man leaps onto Challenger. Summerlee shoots the ape-man. They run
toward the balloon. Malone lifts Assai into the balloon. Roxton covers
Challenger and Summerlee as they run.]
Roxton: Come on Summerlee!
Summerlee: I’m coming I’m coming!
[Roxton fights off more of the ape-men. He cuts the lead rope and the
balloon ascends. Roxton is pulled into the balloon as they float away.]
Challenger: Home free.
Roxton: You dropped this.
[Roxton returns Assai’s necklace to her.]
Assai: Thank you.
Challenger: What’s the problem?
Malone: Hydrogen’s running low.
Challenger: Can we make it as far as the Zanga village?
Malone: No chance. I’ll get us as close as I can. But it will be
nightfall before we get there.
[Scene: Nighttime The Zanga village - The villagers are having a
celebration banquet; there is dancing and chanting. Veronica is brought in
kicking and screaming.]
Veronica: Marguerite help me! I will not marry him! Marguerite!
[Veronica is handed to Jacoba, he grabs her and kisses her. The horn is
sounded. The rescue party has returned.]
Marguerite: Thank god you’re here.
Challenger: What the hell’s going on?
Marguerite: Jacoba’s forcing Veronica to marry him.
[Assai talks to her father.]
Challenger: What are they saying?
Marguerite: She’s trying to get him to show us the way home.
Challenger: I thought you’d already taken care of that Miss Krux?
Marguerite: I had.
Roxton: So where were you during all this?
Marguerite: What could I do? Jacoba’s got all these warriors. He’s not
what you’d call a reasonable man.
[Malone helps Veronica when she is too weak to stand.]
Malone: So he didn’t hurt you?
Veronica: No but I can’t imagine what would’ve happen if you hadn’t come
Malone: Maybe I shouldn’t go; maybe I should stay.
Veronica: John no, you have your story to tell. It’s important to you.
Malone: What if Jacoba tries this again.
Veronica: Assai will make sure he never bothers me again. Let’s not think
about it right now. You’re alive that’s what matters.
Malone: Yeah
Veronica: We have tonight.
Challenger: It looks like we’re all going to leave this world with special
Summerlee: It’s a shame they have to part. He deserves someone like her –
bright lad. But not as bright as that Einstein boy I taught in Heidelberg
but then those ideas of his were just a lot of theory.
[Assai approaches Challenger and Summerlee.]
Assai: We will leave in the morning. My father will reveal the way through
the caves to me tonight and I will guide you
Challenger: How did you get him to agree?
Assai: I survived the ape-men; no one has ever done that before. The Zanga
seem to think I have some godly power. For my father to deny a god would be
[Fade Out]
[Scene: Morning - The trail to the caves.]
Summerlee: I must admit Challenger I found this expedition exhilarating. 
In a perverse way I’ve actually enjoyed it.
Challenger: Enjoy it a lot more when you get back to London; especially
when our friend in the egg hatches and introduces himself to civilized
Summerlee: London you know I’m actually beginning to believe that we may
get home.
Challenger: Oh believe it Summerlee. The world will never be the same
[They come to a cave opening.]
Assai: This is the way to the other world.
Marguerite: Doesn’t look very inviting.
Veronica: I’ll go with you part of the way.
Malone: Yeah I’d like that
[Roxton grabs torches that were left at the entrance.]
Roxton: Looks like those who have gone before us have left us something to
light the way.
Assai: The caves are dark and very dangerous go slowly and go only where I
[They make their way through the caverns.]
Summerlee: Challenger your torch – here look.
[Summerlee points to drawings on the wall.
Challenger: Prehistoric no doubt. The quality is magnificent. Far
superior to the Spanish paintings of Altamira
Summerlee: Yes look at this one the depiction is very similar to the one I
saw on the alter in the Zanga village.
Assai: Yes these are not of our making but we believe that this tells the
story of the birth of our god Atunga
Summerlee: The symbolism is not of our world. Wish we had time to
transcribe them.
Roxton: Take a mental picture Doctor and let’s get going.
Challenger: Yes Summerlee you can study them in depth on the return
Summerlee: Return expedition.
[They travel deeper into the caverns.]
Challenger: How much further Assai?
Assai: Soon - my father said it was at the end of this tunnel.
[Marguerite touches a rock formation to steady herself the ground shakes.]
Marguerite: Its carbon based.
Summerlee: Yes and very brittle Miss Krux - be careful. We don’t want to
precipitate the geologic shift.
Roxton: No Miss Krux - please don’t do that.
[They come to a cavern with shiny crystals protruding from the cave walls. 
They are spread across the ground.]
Challenger: Extraordinary
Marguerite: Look at all these they’re just lying on the ground.
Challenger: Where to now Assai?
[The trail ends with a beam of light coming from the cavern ceiling.]
Assai: That’s the way out. Jacoba said that a path goes outside along the
crease for the rest of the way.
Malone: That’s why no ones found this place. The only way in is halfway up
a mountain.
Challenger: Roxton do you want to check out that opening and see what we’ll
Roxton: You must think of me as some kind of mountain goat Challenger. At
least there won’t be a flying lizard to greet me at the top.
[Roxton climbs up to get a better look. Challenger checks the Pterodactyl
egg in his pack. A gem catches Marguerite’s eye and she reaches up high and
struggles to grab it. She loses her footing and both she and Roxton fall
from their respective positions. Roxton runs to Marguerite and pulls her
out of the way of a falling bolder.]
Roxton: It’s my turn to save your life.
[The cave starts to collapse. The opening with the light closes up. Roxton
runs by Challenger and he loses hold of the Pterodactyl egg which falls down
a hole.]
Challenger: My egg!
Roxton: Run for your lives!
[They make it out of the cave.]
Challenger: I’ve lost my egg I’ve lost it!
Summerlee: Damn your bloody egg. We’ve lost the only way off this god
forsaken plateau.
Malone: Yes Professor I’d say you have plenty of time to find yourself
another egg.
Marguerite: All those beautiful stones buried forever.
Challenger: How the hell did that happen anyway?
Summerlee: It certainly wasn’t volcanic.
Marguerite: Don’t look at me I didn’t do it.
Veronica: It doesn’t matter how it happened - it’s done. We have other
things to worry about now.
Assai: Yes we’re in ape-men territory. We must start back for my village
Roxton: I guess greed has its own rewards.
[Scene: The trail to the Zanga village – They come to a clearing.]
Assai: We’ll rest here.
Veronica: There’s a stream down there I’ll go get water.
Malone: I’ll come with you.
[Ape-men are watching from the bush.]
[Scene: Malone and Veronica by the stream.]
Malone: So I guess we’re here for good huh?
Veronica: We’ll keep looking for a way out.
Malone: This was supposed to be my big break…story of a life time.
Veronica: You know you could look at it like you just have more of a story
to tell when you do get back.
Malone: I guess you’re right. I guess there are some positive aspects to
staying here.
Veronica: You think so?
Malone: Yeah I do.
[They lean in for a kiss but are interrupted by an approaching T-Rex.]
Malone: My God that is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.
Veronica: Come on
Malone: Yeah
[Scene: Roxton is taking a look around. Marguerite walks up behind him.]
Marguerite: I want to thank you for saving my life back there [Roxton hears
a noise in the bushes and ignores Marguerite] Did our hear me I said thank
you. It’s what you wanted to hear all along [He still ignores her] You
ungrateful arrogant.
[As Marguerite brushes past Roxton he grabs her and puts his hand over her
Roxton: Shut up. Malone…Malone. Everyone to the center of the clearing!
[The ape-men attack.]
Roxton: On my mark - steady……fire at will!
[Malone and Veronica see the others in trouble Malone holds Veronica back.]
Malone: No there’s too many. I’ve got an idea come on.
[The shots scare the ape-men back into the bushes.]
Challenger: I see what you mean about simians Roxton.
[Scene: The stream where the T-rex was.
Malone: Oh good he’s still here.
Veronica: What are you doing?
Malone: Hey you big fella yeah who you eating for dessert huh? Hey!
Veronica: Are you mad?
Malone: Trust me trust me. Hey you that’s right - right here prime meat. 
Come and get it!
[Malone and Veronica run and the T-rex chases them down the trail.]
[Scene: The clearing – The ape-men come in for another attack. The
explorers start shooting.]
Roxton: Fire!
[Scene: Malone and Veronica running from the T-rex.]
Veronica: We can’t out run him!
Malone: Well what do we do?
Veronica: Follow me!
[Veronica does a 180 degree turn runs under the T-Rex’s hooves. Malone is
still in front of the T-Rex.]
Veronica: Come on!
[Malone tries to run under the T-Rexes hooves but it stares him down. 
Veronica jumps on the T-rex’s tail and it looks around to her. Malone takes
his chance and runs under its hooves. They run and the T-Rex chases.
[Scene: The clearing – The fight continues. Veronica and Malone run into
the clearing with the T-rex close behind. Malone and Veronica veer off and
the T-Rex runs into the ape-men. The group escapes.]
Challenger: Once again your timing couldn’t be better thank you both of
you. You make a good team.
Summerlee: Indeed they do.
[Roxton looks back at the T-Rex.]
Roxton: Now that would make a find trophy.
Marguerite: I’m sure he’d feel the same about you.
Challenger: You’ll get your chance Lord Roxton. I’ve no doubt about that. 
Now Assai do you think we could seek refuge in your village until we make
our way back to Veronica’s place.
Assai: I would think that is within the power of a god to grant.
Challenger: Good! I don’t know about all of you but I could with a rest. 
It’s been a hell of a day.
[Scene: The Zanga village – The group is sitting celebrating Jacaba is
toasting the group.]
Malone: What did he say?
Veronica:  He’s thanking the Gods for giving him the strength to save us all
from the ape-men.
Marguerite: He wasn’t even there.
Veronica: He’s got a daughter to live up to.
[Marguerite is admiring a village girl’s necklace.]
Marguerite: These aren’t as fine as some of the others but perhaps we could
trade anyway.
[Marguerite is about to hand the girl her scarf in trade when Roxton grabs
it out of her hand and stuffs it down his shirt.]
Roxton: Give it a rest.
[Scene: Challenger and Summerlee are just outside the village looking at
the clearing.]
Summerlee: I hate to say this Challenger but everything you said was true -
every last word. Fat lot of good it will do either of us with no way to get
Challenger:  We’ll find a way home. Until then we’ve got the greatest
grounds for research a scientist could ever dream of. A whole lost world.
End of episode
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