„I remember thinking – Wow, this is the best job in the world“
(David Orth – bei der Lost World Convention auf die Frage, wie es ihm gefallen hat Jennifer O´Dell zu küssen)
“Obviesly a quiet taste. Not unlike my good wifes cooking”
(The Elixir, George Edward Challanger, nachdem er zum ersten Mal seinen Wundertrank probierte)
„Oh, I think that´s obvies”
(Marguerite bei vielen Gelegenheiten)
„Welcome back – Neddy“
(London Calling – Veronica zu Malone)
“Are you nuts?”
(All or nothing, abermals Veronica)
“Was uns wirklich menschlich macht, ist unser streben nach Unsterblichkeit
(Ned Malone, Salvations)
Straingerst thing is, i think the plateau is like our lifes. We´ve been spending all our time trying to get home, without realising in a matter where we find ourselfes. The point of our lifes might just be the journey, not the destination. Whatever the answer is that awaits me. Today is the day where my journey, my story, truely begins.
(abermals Malone, am Ende der Folge "Brothers in Arms")
Malone: „What was that for?“
Veronica: “Inspiration, now move your ass!”
(“The cave of fear”, nachdem Veronica Ned zum ersten Mal geküsst hat, während sie vor einem Raptor flüchten).
M: If you are wrong about this George I will never believe an other word you say
C: I´ve never been so sure of anything in my life
M: Yeah I´ve heard that before
(“Finn”, konversaton zwischen Challanger und Marguerite)
Finn: I hope they are haveing more fun then we are
Challanger: Oh, you can count on that!
“Welcome to your new home away from home”
(Challanger, Suspicion zu seinem neuen Käfer)
"I am goin back to the treehouse"
(Marguerite, bei diversen Gelegenheiten)
"Roxton. We are going home"
(Marguerite, ebenso bei diversen Gelegenheiten)
"Kein Jäger schätzt leichte Beute. Weil sie ihm nicht fordert"
(Lord John Roxton, Das Abenteuer beginnt)
Wunderbar sind natürlich auch die Dialoge zwischen Roxton und Marguerite. Hier einige Auszüge.
Marguerite: So, Roxton, just curious. Why did you risk your life for me with that dinosaur?
Roxton: Hmmm, must have thought you were someone else.
Marguerite: The boy’s done us proud.  They grow up so fast these days.
Roxton: How motherly of you.  I wouldn’t have thought there was a maternal bone in your body.
Marguerite: How little you know me.  On the other hand, why would I need children when I have you?
Marguerite: After you Roxton
My pleasure Marguerite
Roxton: What's the big discussion about?
Marguerite: They're trying to decide which one of us to dine on first. They think I'd be the most tender.
Roxton: Well they obviously don't know you very well
Marguerite: All he does these days is watch the skies for Veronica.
Roxton: Well, surely we owe her that much.  Without Veronica’s treehouse and her parents supplies, why we’d all be wearing raptor skins, living in caves and conversing in grunts.
Marguerite: Well, what makes you think that’s not how you boys communicate now?
Marguerite: That’s it, my love.
Roxton: What did you just say, Marguerite?
Marguerite: Nothing, nothing!  You must have been dreaming.
Roxton: You know, sometimes Marguerite's afraid of me just as you are. That makes me think maybe, someone once broke her heart, same way your heart's been broken and she's still not ready to risk that happening again.
Mayleen: Did someone ever break your heart?
Roxton: Oh, I've never met the woman that could break my heart…till I met Marguerite.
Marguerite: John, please, if you get shot…
Roxton: If I get shot, what?
Marguerite: I won't have anyone to antagonize, my life would be quite dull.
Marguerite: Say something, say something…
Roxton: What's a nice girl like you, doing in a place like this?
Marguerite: What is the matter with you? You're behaving like a jealous schoolboy!
Roxton: Jealous, I am not! However, your infuriating habit of fawning over every man you meet does leave me a trifle weary
Marguerite: What?!
Roxton: Oh I was just remembering that delightful little mole you have right by…
Marguerite: Stop there!  Right now.
Roxton: As you command, my Contesse.
Marguerite: Command.  You want a command? (She whispers into his ear)
Roxton: I don’t know if that’s physically possible. (Marguerite bows mockingly)  Certainly not ladylike.
Roxton: So much for Prince Charming.
Marguerite: Actually, he was quite charming when he wanted to be.
Roxton: Sorry we interrupted you.
Marguerite: Yes, I’ll bet you are.
Roxton: No, I won’t believe it.
Marguerite: Grow up, Roxton.  We all have a price.
Roxton: You mean you do.
Roxton: Body heat?
Marguerite: I’m familiar with the concept.
Roxton: Well, be my guest.
Roxton: I thought I told you to stay in the tent.
Marguerite: Does the phrase, ‘ungrateful son of a bitch’ have a familiar ring?
Marguerite: Thank you for coming back for me.
Roxton: You think I did what I did to save your life?  You don’t get it do you?  I was a coward, Marguerite.
Marguerite: No. No.
Roxton: You know, it wasn’t death I was afraid of, it was not living. I couldn’t believe it was over.  My life.  My life!  What, that was it?  Can’t be.  And then, it wasn’t.
Marguerite: You’re not a coward, John, just human.  Welcome to the planet.
Roxton: An extra rifle.  It’s fully loaded.
Marguerite: Lord Roxton, someone would think you cared.
Roxton: I do.
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